ShopInformer manages your waiting customers while also providing a tremendous amount of actionable data about your customers.

ShopInformer can help you manage your store. Have you had any of these problems:

  • Staff say they need more people working the floor
  • You feel that some of your staff handle customers too slowly
  • You have heard that customers are waiting too long to be seen at certain times
  • Customers come in with an Appointment scheduled by Apple but your store staff has no idea who they are, why they’re here or when their appointment is without going into GSX
  • You maintain two separate calendars of appointments one in GSX and one for your own customer appointments
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With ShopInformer you can:

  • Better schedule staff to match your customers' needs
  • Determine which store associates are handling customers more slowly
  • Determine when your customers are waiting longer than you want and adjust your staff schedule accordingly
  • Schedule appointments without logging into GSX
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